Kitchen ZOE



Mandola a timeless kitchen style. Simple lines with dynamic design, which promote and enhance the quality and features of the kitchen, including the sense of hospitality and harmony. Retro elements are combined with modern style, ensuring a kitchen with excellent design and layout. Various shelves, elegant open units, decorative cornice and rails, doors in solid…



A very interesting trend in kitchen decoration, is using a sofa instead of chairs which accompany the table. Effectively integrating kitchen and dining zones, is the ideal solution for families to spend more time together and for best utilizing space to maximize the functionality of your home. We have seen the extension of the bench…



Wood and steel elements with dynamic design create the industrial kitchen style, Kesten. Dark colors with a gloss finishes, add a mild reflection in your space. Innovative metal handles, which apply across the length at the top of the drawers and protrude slightly. They are factory-fitted and offer easy opening with maximum strength and stability.…

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Simple and elegant Ekmek is the epitome of elegance, with its fine lines, simplicity and warm tones, giving the space a sense of style and dynamism.



Cordial kitchen set reflects accurately the modern era. Modern materials balance with natural elements, the perfect smooth white and gray acrylic lacquer matte come alive with intense color strikes on a glossy red lacquer shelves. Metallic details and wooden surfaces reflect the harmony of life. The materials coexist and blend in a unique,natural way, creating…



Live your day around an island for your culinary pursuits. Self-standing compositions, simple volumes and wall mounted appliances, are connected with marble and wooden elements to create a multi-functional space, ideal for relaxation, leisure and creativity. Cassata series comes with a great variety of neutral and pal colors, in gloss or mat finish.