A very interesting trend in kitchen decoration, is using a sofa instead of chairs which accompany the table. Effectively integrating kitchen and dining zones, is the ideal solution for families to spend more time together and for best utilizing space to maximize the functionality of your home. We have seen the extension of the bench…


Sunny moments dining

The most beautiful moments are the simplest! Share them with friends in a practice but so special, in its simplicity, dining. The rectangular Forest table made of solid wood with wood or glass is complemented by free chairs, a matte or paneled chassis and a laminate seat in white and black for unique moments of…


Live for wood

Nothing exudes elegance like the richness of wood. Create a warm and welcoming living room with a combination of glossy cabinets and shelves in wood finishes which above all will be functional. The Forest dining room is the leading theme, with solid wood frame and glass surface, ideally suited with Wave plus chairs in solid…


Sunny moments

Simple, subtle and unobtrusive… if this is your style, then this is your ideal living room. A special combination combined with three super matt colors for your cabinets which can be mounted to the wall or directly on the floor. Combined with a Forest dining room with solid wood frame and chairs Free with a…


Shades of grey

Balance your space, by combining vertical and horizontal elements. Furniture designed to cover every need and fit in any living room. It perfectly combines its horizontal and vertical elements, thus balancing the room up. It consists of vertical cabinets that offer plenty of storage space and seamlessly tie together with a rack. At the same…


Relax in blue

A unique synthesis for your living room, based on a mix and match rationale. It provides a multitude of color and texture combinations, for every taste. The volume of the furniture blends with the color and the spaces in-between. You, simply, select between matte or glossy materials – or even wooden texture – and give…


Natural style

When relaxation meets convenience and aesthetics meets storage space, you have the ultimate combination! Give your personal touch to you living room, by combining different lengths and heights. The different elements blend with each other, creating horizontal blocks tailored to your needs. On the lightweight buffet, we find wooden and smooth surfaces harmoniously coexisting. An…


Life in green

When traditional meets modern, you get to enjoy timeless combinations…in this day and age. Simple lines, that leave space in your imagination to create your own living room with spacious horizontal cabinets that conveniently opened with push open doors. The Matte shades give a distinctive touch and the coffee table with white matte lacquer surface…


Cross the lines

If your life does not fit in a box… with Centro’s “Cross the lines” living room you will find a lot of them that can fit anything! Discover the incredible storage and organizing capabilities both with the hanging boxes and the floor-standing construction with drawers that are 45cm deep and allow you to be perfectly…