A very interesting trend in kitchen decoration, is using a sofa instead of chairs which accompany the table.
Effectively integrating kitchen and dining zones, is the ideal solution for families to spend more time together and for best utilizing space to maximize the functionality of your home.
We have seen the extension of the bench to transform into a table, but also the bench itself or the kitchen island, to be used as a table by adding stools.
However, the integration of a sofa in the kitchen is not so common, as it may seem a bold approach, but at the same time it can offer absolute comfort to you and your guests, if you choose it. It’s definitely a fresh, and creative idea which will impress you.
On the kitchen island can be designed a small comfortable sofa, which on one side has storage space and functions as a food preparation point. By combining it with a dining table of your choice and placing chairs on the opposite side, you can create a corner that evokes the desire to gather around the table and not just for having meal!
Having a dining table in the kitchen is an element that offers warmth, while in combination with a built-in sofa, will create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
Simple lines, storage spaces, dining area, sofa, chairs, you name it, can be combined cleverly and beautifully. Just choose the decorative style you prefer and create your own personal space!

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